Design Studio C, Ltd.

Architectural Service Phases

Design Consultation

All new clients will be offered our Design Consultation Service. A design consultation gives you an architect’s expertise for a limited time. It allows us to become familiar with you and determine the broad scope of the project.

Documentation of Existing Conditions

If adequate existing documentation is not available, we will field measure the existing building and prepare accurate drawings that allow us to develop plans that reflect the actual field conditions to be considered.

Preliminary Design

During Preliminary Design we meet and discuss your needs and begin to develop a preliminary site strategy for your project. At this time we also begin an initial Code Search and discuss site planning issues that relate to your property.

Schematic Design

During Schematic Design we will finalize the building code and setback requirements for your site, determine if there are any public agencies that need to be involved and develop concept plans that describe the nature and scope of work for the project. At the conclusion of Schematic Design we will be able to determine a square foot estimate for the project.

Design Development

During Design Development we will further refine and develop concept plans that accurately reflect the scope of your project. We will discuss finish materials and product preferences. Based on the completed Design Development documents, a good General Contractor should be able to give you a budget number to within 20% of the final project cost. Also, at this time, if a variance or special use permit is required, submissions to the local government agencies are prepared and we can lobby on behalf of your project.

Construction Documents

During the Construction Document phase of the project we will develop detail drawings that further describe the nature and scope of the Work. You will be able to obtain, based on these Construction Documents, all architectural permits required for construction. During development of the Construction Documents we will meet at various times to discuss the project’s progress and clarify materials and finishes as well as lighting, cabinetry and fixtures.

Bidding and Permitting

At the conclusion of Construction Documents, Design Studio C, Ltd. will assist you in filing with all relevant authorities for issuance of a building permit. We will also be available for questions from contractors and building permit officials. We will review any correspondence from contractors and help you negotiate the final contract between you and your contractor.

Construction Phase

Design Studio C, Ltd. offers three different ways to assist you during the actual construction of your project. Depending on your “project delivery method” we will recommend one of the following service packages: Per Diem / Hourly Site Visits, Construction Contract Administration, and Construction Management Consulting.

How Much Does It Cost?

Development Services

This process allows us the opportunity to take the burdens of Development off of the Property Owner and/or Investor and place them on experienced team that can work within the minutiae of state and local codes to present a professional package to the governing boards.

Furthermore, many of our repeat clients often come to us while selecting property, so we can perform feasibility studies before they commit to a particular location. Development Services typically fall under the following categories:

Preliminary Planning

Feasibility Studies
Code Review
Zoning Boards
Appearance Review
Special Use and Conditional Use Permits

Construction Management Consulting

At times we assist the owner who desires to be their own General Contractor. Clients acting as their own General Contractor can achieve significant cost savings, as well as retain total control of the project.

Other Services

Cost Estimating
Space and Lease Planning
Marketing Support
Stock Plans